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Start speaking English more naturally. 

Conversational English Practise with a Personal and Cross-Cultural Twist

What I Specialize In

Personal Connection

Train with a global expat and adult third culture kid (TCK).

My international and plurilingual background has taught me to value successful

cross-cultural communication skills and inter-personal


It's not about being perfect. It's about trusting yourself and never giving up.

Speaking confidence

Pronunciation, intonation, accents, word blocks...

Stop hiding and just start speaking! One of the biggest challenges we face is a lack of practise.

Enjoy expressing yourself naturally and authentically in a safe environment with me. I understand what it's like to step outside the comfort zone.


Business English

Lead your multicultural teams more effectively and mindfully.

Participate more in

global meetings to get to know your international colleagues better and improve business relations.


Deliver engaging 

presentations and


Write better emails and company texts.

Creative English

 Communicate your ideas and feelings more accurately and creatively.

Bring more colour and variety into your choice of words and expressions.


Creative communication can be used everywhere and anywhere. Unleash your imagination and have fun!

Travel / Culture

Would you like to learn to get by with more ease on your travels? 

Are you in the process of relocating to a new country? Don't let your fears stop you from having a smooth integration experience.

Whether it's business or pleasure, comfortable communication is key for fulfilment.

"I now give online presentations and trainings, send emails, and have business-related conversations all in English. It was always my wildest dream to speak English without panicking at all, just enjoy my workday as I do when I speak Finnish.

Riikka, this is so awesome, ah, thank you so much! Something clicked and now everything is easier than before. My golden dream has come true and now I have new goals for my English skills.

I am so, so, so thankful and pleased!"

- Kiira Joki, Finland

Joki, Kiira-67.jpg

The Journey Towards Self Confidence Begins on the Path of Compassion and Acceptance. Begin Your Journey with Riikka Today.

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